Sunday, October 14, 2012

Robert Connolly - Plateau

Robert Connolly - Plateau

Tube TSH-352, Canada, 1978

Here is an obscure disc I picked up at Sonic Boom a while back. A symphonic prog album by a little known guy who I believe was from the London, Ontario area. I can find almost no information about the guy or the label. Anybody know anything? The album deals with themes of ancient alien visitors and comprises a guitar-oriented side, and a keyboard-oriented side. The back cover shows a fluffy-haired Mr. Connolly posing with a double-necked guitar (guitar/bass) and kind of screams "will the real Geddy Lee please stand up". As a delightful insert the album includes an 8 page comic book, black ink on pulp paper, unstapled. I believe I paid about $10 for this one.
There has been speculation online that this fellow is the same Robert Connolly who photographed some 'alien' skulls in South America, and another blogspot site has an 'anonymous' comment by someone claiming to be this musician and confirming the connection, stating that the photographs came about through his television show "Timeless Places". Obviously, nothing can be verified by an anonymous comment, but it would seem to make sense. If you are reading this Mr. Connolly, please get in touch, provide further information!

Side 1 - 1. Plateau of Naska (4:45) 2. A Close Encounter (5:19) 3. Power of Giza (4:30) 4. Battle of Gomorrah (3:11)
Side 2 - 1. Journey (14:22) 2. The Oracle (3:05)

Robert Connolly-guitar/bass/all keyboards/vocals; Greg McIlveen-drums; Sheila&Sandra Willick-vocals; Dave Beatty-guitar; Peter Crolly-bass/flute/vocals; Frank Russell-drums/bells; Howie Strutt-vocals

Recorded at Cottingham Sound & Sound Stage, Toronto & Springfield Sound, London.

You can listen to Journey here:


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