Saturday, October 13, 2012

Liquid Smoke

Liquid Smoke - s/t

Avco Embassy AVE-33005, Canada, 1970

This is one of the first albums I picked up at She Said Boom! The Canadian pressing of this New York heavy psych band's only album, I paid a fair $25. Since I purchased this I have seen a couple of others selling in the city for around $30-$40. The band also released three singles on the Avco Embassy label in the same year, the first one reaching #82 in the American charts. One of their songs was later covered by Peruvian band Gerardo Manuel and El Humo on their very rare album Apocallypsis (Virrey DVS 720, 1970).

Side 1 - 1. I Who Have Nothing (3:18) 2. Lookin' For Tomorrow (4:30) 3. Hard To Handle (3:43) 4. Reflection (4:00) 5. Warm Touch (3:31)
Side 2 - 1. Shelter Of Your Arms (4:05) 2. Set Me Free (4:55) 3. It's A Man's World (5:10) 4. Let Me Down Easy (4:28)

Sandy Pantaleo-vcls; Vince Fersak-guitar; Mike Archeleta-bass; Chas Kimbrell-drums; Benny Ninmann-organ.
Recorded at Ultra-Sonic Recording Studios, NY.

Listen to "I Who Have Nothing" here:

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