Friday, October 19, 2012

Museum of Vinyl Art - wth!?

Many months ago I noticed that a new establishment was opening on Yonge Street (634 Yonge, to be exact) under the name Museum Of Vinyl Art. On the front window was displayed "Opening Soon". I liked the sound of that. Also displayed on the window was "Rare Vinyl $9.99". Now that made me scratch my head. How can so-called rare vinyl be lumped under one price? And such a low price? Months passed and this place just never seemed to actually open. Eventually there was some shelving put in, and after that records appeared. But the place was never open. Peering through the window I could see that the small amount of records that occupied the shelving was anything but rare. And the place was never open. Well, I just happened to find a listing on yelp with a couple of enlightening reviews (which now seems to be down to one review?). I won't copy it here, but let you read it for yourself. I am sure even the occasional purchaser of used vinyl will be left scratching their head on this one.

(UPDATE December - I recently noticed a 'For Rent' sign in the window.....)

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