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Exorcist - Nightmare Theatre

Exorcist - Nightmare Theatre

Cobra CL 1007, Canada, 1986

I first discovered this band in 1986 by way of a cassette I bought at a bookstore in Bramalea, Ontario and it was one of my first introductions to extreme metal (after Venom and Celtic Frost - thank you MuchMusic Power Hour). Of course the cassette was lost a very long time ago, but I recalled the music, especially "Black Mass", fondly and had hoped to eventually replace it. Fast forward to spring 2012 and I happened to pay a visit to Hits And Misses (now closed, see post below) with no money in my pocket, just wanted to see what they had hanging on the wall, and bam, a near mint condition Canadian pressing (the original American pressing came out in 1985 on Road Runner RR 9700). The owner was kind enough to hold it for a week until I could pay for it.
Exorcist are actually American power metal band Virgin Steele (apparently there were some legal wranglings going on between members) and that fact has led some of the more die-hard black-metal fans to look down upon this album, but I think it is a jolly good listen (!) and well worth a spin.

Side 1 - 1. Black Mass (4:15) 2.  The Invocation (0:50) 3. Burnt Offerings (3:06) 4. The Hex (0:21) 5. Possessed (2:42) 6. Call For the Exorcist (3:32) 7. Death By Bewitchment (4:23)
Side 2 - 1. The Trial (0:48) 2. Execution of the Witches (3:19) 3. Consuming Flames of Redemption (0:36) 4. Megawatt Mayhem (1:10) 5. Riding To Hell (3:41) 6. Queen of the Dead (3:23) 7. Lucifer's Lament (5:36) 8. The Banishment (0:24)

Damian Rath-vocals; Marc Dorian-guitar; Jamie Locke-bass; Geoff Fontaine-drums.
Recorded at Sonic Sound, New York.

Listen to "Black Mass" here:

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