Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Curbside Cassette Tape Haul

Don't you just love it when people leave good quality items on the curb side for others to peruse and take for free? So much better than throwing stuff in the garbage so it can slowly rot (or even not) in a landfill. Think of the money that could be saved and the beneficial impact on the environment if more people were open to leaving items out and scavenging for items.
Today I went for a walk between the rain drops and happened upon two bags of cassettes, not yet wet.
I have found many such urban treasure troves before and have come to expect a mix of bad soundtracks, dance mixes and empty cases, but in this case there be gold in them there hills. What I find upon inspection back home is a mix of mostly decent hard rock/metal of the 80s/early 90s with only one true piece of dross - Much Music Dance Mix '95 (I'll be leaving that in the lobby for another scavenger) - and one particularly shiny gem that made me smile and nod - Armored Saint - March Of The Saint (their best album and one I haven't listened to in years). Hot water and dishsoap are in order as the cases are filthy with dust and I suspect that many have been sitting on a shelf untouched since the dawn of CDs, but the tapes themselves look to be in excellent condition.
Among the fifty+ tapes are several titles by the likes of Iron Maiden, Nirvana, Metallica, Great White, Whitesnake, Rush, Motley Crue, Peter Gabriel, Ratt, Robert Plant, Wall Of Voodoo, Queensryche and more. While several of these are albums I do enjoy, they might not be items I would necessarily seek out for my vinyl collection or want to shell out the price of a CD for. Now I can listen to them at my leisure and the cassette deck won't feel so neglected!

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