Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Vortex Records - Annual Summer Sale

From Lincoln at Vortex Records -

"Thursday, 20 June - 25% off***
Friday, 21 June - 30% offSaturday, 22 June - 35% offSunday, 23 June - 40% off
We're open 10 - 10 all days except Sunday which'll be 11 - 6.
All USED items will be on sale: CDs, DVDs, Vinyl, Blu-rays. New vinyl will not be on sale.
*** On Thursday, June 20, if you spend more than $100 (before tax), we'll give you an extra 10% off everything, making your discount 35%. This is a great way to avoid lines and get a bigger discount.
Note: We almost didn't have a summer sale because the sales are generally brutal on the staff, with the final day of our last sale being the busiest day in Vortex's history. None of us wanted to go through it again so soon, but we are heavy on stock and low on space so it's happening. 
HOWEVER, please realize that by waiting an extra day or two, the extra discount is not that big. Some of you waited in line last sale for very long periods of time and saved, literally, $2 more than you would have the previous day when there was barely any line at all. We've been questioning your sanity ever since. This summer sale, redeem yourself. Shop smart!
Note 2: We PREFER not to buy stock during our sales so please don't bring things to sell us as we will probably turn you away.
Note 3: You should get to the store early. Last sale we had to lock the door an hour before closing time. If we hadn't, we'd still be serving some of you. We reserve the right to do it again this year. Come early. 
Note 4: When the staff tell you it's time to get in line, IT'S TIME TO GET IN LINE. Seriously. If not, we reserve the right to refuse your service all together, which means you'll get nothing.
Thanks. And it would be AWESOME if you could forward this email to your fiends or share the sale news on your Facebook page so your lovely friends can save cash to.
Pretty please.

Vortex Records is located at 2309 Yonge Street, Toronto. Tel: 416 483 7437. Website link in column at right.

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