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Carp - st

Carp - st

Epic E 30212, Canada, 1970

The main reason I bought this album is because of the inclusion of Gary Busey as drummer, singer and chief song writer (and the shop in question was selling it pretty cheap in good condition). I didn't expect alot musically and upon listening I didn't get a hell of alot, but it was better than I was expecting. Offered up is half decent country rock with some honky tonk piano and Busey's X-tian lyrics. There are some nice lead guitar passages here and there and the song writing is a tad better than some albums of the same style. Occasionally the band even rocks out, in their own fashion. Perhaps as a statement of warning, the notes on the back cover advise that this isn't the typical 60s rock album, going so far as to mention Jefferson Airplane by name. I have seen some criticism of the sleeve design and, like many others, I initially thought that the front was the back until I turned it over. While somewhat unique, this is definitely not a sleeve I would display in a frame.

I have read somewhere that throughout Gary Busey's acting career he has not once mentioned Carp in an interview, though I can't verify this nor the reasoning. I must wonder, though, if during Busey's recent stint on reality show Celebrity Apprentice, was there possibly an impromptu behind the scenes jam session with fellow contestant (and country music star) Trace Adkins? mentions that Gary Busey played in several backing bands (including those of Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson) before appearing in his first film in 1971, but does not mention Carp. It does state that he was in an Oklahoma band called The Rubber Band, and while this may have been an earlier name for Carp, sleeve notes state that Carp was formed in spring 1966 and so it is likely the Rubber Band reference is an error. Busey would later perform guitar and vocals for his portrayal of Buddy Holly in The Buddy Holly Story (1978).
The original American issue is of the same year and catalogue number.

Side 1 - 1. Drink To The Queen Of May (2:15) 2. Circuit Preacher Brown (2:30) 3. He's Comin' Back To Check On What You've Done (3:10) 4. Pine Creek Bridge (2:00) 5. Rosabelle Bovine (2:00) 6. Page 258 (2:30)
Side 2 - 1. Jotham Clay, Mississippi (2:46) 2. The Great Kansas Hymn (4:10) 3. Mammoth Mountain Blues (2:50) 4. There Goes The Band (2:00) 5. Jesus Is The Mountain (3:45) 6. Firehouse Dog (0:30)

Gary Busey-drums/vocals; John Crowder-bass; Ron Getman-guitar; Glen Mitchell-piano

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