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Jeff White - Grey Lord

Jeff White - Grey Lord

Stovepipe ST0001, Canada, 1976

Originally from Cornerbrook, Newfoundland, Jeff White relocated to Ontario in 1974 and recorded this rare private pressing at Eastern Sound Studios in the Yorkville area of Toronto a couple of years later. A very enjoyable folk album, I found the tracks to be full of pleasant surprises. Subtle psych, progressive and pop elements rise and fall. An effected electric violin raises its head, elsewhere a pulsating and somewhat warped bass, the occasional electronic sound, and some nice electric guitar.

Vocally White has a mellow and soothing voice with a decent range that fits the music well. Lyrical inspiration comes from his following of the Baha'i faith at the time. Completely unknown to me when I bought this a few months back, I consider Grey Lord to be one of the choice albums in the Canadian section of my collection (despite the waterstains and scratches on the front cover). The tracks on this album were all written in the early 70s (1970-1974) and the album was issued with an inner lyric sleeve.

Other releases by Jeff White include "While Dylan Grew Whiskers" (a compilation), "Red Arrow" and "Ol' Crazy Half Moon Wheel". I have no information regarding these other than that they are CD releases. In 2005 he formed a duo with vocalist Kati Durst called Young & Foolish.

Side 1 - 1. Charlie (It Was September) (4:44) 2. Jubal (4:12) 3. Happy (A Song For Susan) (2:56) 4. Buffalo Boy (4:46) 5. The Ugly Truth (5:17)
Side 2 - 1. The Merchant Of Shiraz (5:13) 2. Tahirih (5:10) 3. Funeral (3:50) 4. Grey Lord (5:37)

You can purchase the album and individual songs here:

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