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Dust - Hard Attack

Dust - Hard Attack

Kama Sutra KSBS 2059, USA, 1972

This is the second and final album by New York's Dust. An excellent album of mostly hard rock numbers with a couple of ballads and a short country influenced track thrown in. Initially released in a gatefold, this, I believe, is the second pressing in the more common single pocket style sleeve, but still on the pink Kama Sutra label.

A trio, two of the members would go on to their own further fame - guitarist Richie Wise as the producer of the first two albums by Kiss (along with Dust producer Kenny Kerner), and drummer Marc Bell would later join Richard Hell's band the Voidoids before becoming known as Marky Ramone in 1978. Listening to this album I can hear what was to come with some hints of a proto-punkish exuberance on some tracks ('Learning To Die'!!!) and the energetic drumming overall. I have heard rumours of an unfinished third album, but that is all - rumours.
Also of mention is the terrific barbarian cover art by New York fantasy artist Frank Frezzeta, also known for his cover art for several Molly Hatchet albums, and of course if you are of my generation and tastes, his work for Heavy Metal magazine (an American SF/Fantasy comicstrip magazine for adults; not a music magazine).

I had attempted to purchase this on ebay six times over the space of a year and each time the bids went beyond my budget, hitting 80-120 dollars US. I could not believe my luck when I found this clean copy at Kops Records for a mere 17 dollars. Just goes to show that patience really is a virtue!

Side 1 - 1. Pull Away/So Many Times (4:59) 2. Walk In The Soft Rain (4:18) 3. Thusly Spoken (4:18) 4. Learning To Die (6:20)
Side 2 - 1. All In All (4:03) 2. I Been Thinkin (2:14) 3. Ivory (2:38) 4. How Many Horses (4:18)
5. Suicide (4:53) 6. Entrance (0:19)

Kenny Aaronson-bass/slide/pedal steel guitar; Marc Bell-drums/percussion; Richie Wise-guitars/vocals.

Recorded at Bell Sound Studios, New York City.

Listen to 'Learning To Die' here:
and 'Suicide' here:

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