Monday, November 5, 2012

Clark-Hutchinson - A-MH2


Decca Nova SDN.R.2, UK, 1969

An excellent album of instrumental eastern and flamenco influenced jazzprog jams, I picked up this beautiful specimen at Sonic Boom last Wednesday. An original British press, the disk shows what looks almost like water marks when held to the light, but there are no scuffs or even the slightest of scratches to speak of. It plays without noise. The sleeve has some slight creasing and small wear to one corner. The worst thing about this is that I don't have the original inner sleeve. The rear surface of the sleeve has a punch out hole in the top right area through which the colour of the inner sleeve could be seen. Red indicated a mono version (and red label on disk) and blue indicated stereo (blue label). This indicator hole did not appear on the American release of the album (Sire 97021, 1969). Alas, this copy has a generic white (yellowed with age) inner sleeve. I read some words online to the effect that the red label mono version (original UK) was never pressed, but I have seen pictures of them, so I believe they were.

Side 1 - 1. Improvisation On A Modal Scale (10:00) 2. Acapulco Gold (7:00) 3. Impromptu In 'E' Minor (8:30)
Side 2 - 1. Textures In 3/4 (11:00) 2. Improvisation On An Indian Scale (13:50)

Andy Clark-vocals/keyboards; Mick Hutchinson-guitar; Stephen Amazing-bass; Del Coverley-percussion.
Recorded at Recorded Sound Studios, London on May 21st & 23rd 1969.

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