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Gabriel - Abnormal Situation

Gabriel - Abnormal Situation

private press, no label/no cat. #, Canada, 1983

Here is an interesting thrift store find. This private pressing is by a band who appear to be from Manitoba, possibly the Winnipeg area.
Playing mostly 60s/70s rock covers, with a few originals thrown in, the album is a mix of live (at the Royal Albert Arms Hotel in Winnipeg) and studio recordings, the live tracks having a muffled sound quality. The covers are not bad, demonstrating some decent guitar work. Kudos to them for even taking a stab at the Hendrix version of "Star Spangled Banner", but watch out for their dire attempt at The Police's "Roxanne"

Of the originals "Dragon Attack" is especially fine with some ripping lead guitar. I played this track three times in a row upon my first spin of the disc. The track "Fifteen", however, is pretty bad.
I have no idea if Gabriel ever made it beyond this self-released album, but I am pretty happy to have found this. A nice and obscure artifact from Winnipeg's early 80s rock scene. The Royal Albert Arms Hotel is still going with music on a nightly basis. If I am ever in the area I will certainly check it out.

Side 1 - 1. Abnormal Situation 2. Fire 3. Holiday 4. My Generation 5. Can't Explain 6. The Star Spangled Banner 7. Dragon Attack
Side 2 - 1. La Grange 2. Roxanne 3. Taxman 4. Fifteen 5. Allright Now 6. Every Little Thing 7. Goin' Down The Road

Russell Mattern-drums/vocals;
Brent DesJarlais-vocals;
Clayton Halverson-guitar/vocals;
Brad Allison-bass/vocals.

Live tracks recorded at The Royal Albert Arms, Feb. 18/19 1983.
Studio tracks recorded at La Garage 589, Oct. 10-Nov. 10 1983.

You can check out the Royal Albert Arms Hotel's facebook page here:

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