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Columbia KC 32032, USA, 1973, promo

Not a lot of information is available, but I believe Gentlehood were a Californian band playing a pleasant light, folky rock with acoustic and electric instrumentation and some vocal harmonies. The album spawned a single, 'America, Oui, Oui'/'Finally Home', though I have only seen a Dutch pressing (Columbia 1599), so can't verify a domestic release. Personally I feel that the A-side is not the strongest track on the album and a better selection certainly could have been made.

Prior to the album Gentlehood recorded a handful of songs for the Zabad label in 1970. The only release from this era I have been able to confirm so far is 'Gazebo(stereo)'/Gazebo(mono) (Zabad 2525) which is probably a demo or promo release, however several of these 1970 recordings exist online. There is also a 14 minute live recording to be found online, '1975 Gentlehood Live' inwhich it appears that the band had increased from the trio pictured on the inner gatefold sleeve of the album to a 5-piece. Note that this live recording only features excerpts of several songs from their stage show.

While many demo/promo releases appear on altered labels (usually white labels, or label printed as being demo/promo), sometimes a demo/promo is indicated as such by a sticker on the sleeve or label of a standard issue. My copy of this album is an example of the latter with a small promo label on the bottom of the back cover and "demonstration record-not for sale" rubber stamped on the label of side 2.

Here is the picture sleeve of the above mentioned Zabad single. It sold on Ebay for 46 US dollars back in 2008...

Gazebo(stereo) / Gazebo(mono) (Zabad 2525, 1970)

Side 1 - 1. Oh My (4:20) 2. He Said She Said (3:11) 3. Bridges On Progress Day (3:10) 4. Jacob Salk (3:25) 5. Closer To Me (3:43)
Side 2 - 1. Can I Be Your Man (2:51) 2. Finally Home (3:01) 3. America, Oui, Oui (4:34) 4. Hey John (4:09) 5. Life Performances Of Hymn (3:30)

T. Russo; S. Khanzadian; T. Fiegel

Recorded at Hollywood Sound Recorders and Wally Heider Studio.

Listen to 'Closer To Me' here.

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